Elfbeads Feelings Collection

Today I want to show a few designs I made with my selection from the Elfbeads Feelings collection.

Released a few weeks ago I have been wearing them a lot.

The glassbeads and silvers are stunning as always and look real good with other charms I have.

The collection has great colors, great vibes and screams spring.
I do love flowers and vibrant colors so I knew this would be a hit for me.

Let me show you the silvers first.
It’s always difficult to make a choice when you like everything but these appealed to me the most.

This bead can encompass an Elfbeads glass bead.
The design is inspired by a Gingko Tree leaf .

This is a gorgeous bead so it’s no surprise it’s sold out on the Elfbeads official website already.

I love the little pearl what gives it a classy look and the matching spacers are devine.

Also looks great with the leaves hanging down.

Forever World

This ball shaped silver bead is really very pretty. 

It looks like a ball of Calla Lily flowers (thank you Patricia from Mycharmcollection) reaching out for the sun.
I love how it makes me feel relaxed , makes me think of space theme also.

Looks perfect in a mini design.


The beautiful Magnolia flower with pearl looks great as a centerpiece but can also match perfectly with the Endless Love.


The glassbeads don’t really need a lot of explaining as I can only show you how beautiful they are. 

No words to describe…

So be prepared to see lots and lots of pictures:-)

Elfbeads is doing really well lately.
The Happiness they are spreading during these difficult times is almost addictive and many people want to be a part of this happy community.
Not only do they make beautiful jewelry…  they make each and every one of us feel loved and special.

We all love opening their packages, like little children opening a present.
Although we usually know what is inside it’s always fun to receive a personally written card, beautiful, colorful bags and some extras.

I can only compliment a company that makes people forget awful things now and then.

The monthly sets are really cool and many people patiently wait for the next one to arrive… at least we try to be patient:-)

Hope you liked my review!

Try to stay happy and safe… spring has arrived so better days are coming,


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